(1) Create a Fruitful User

Go to https://fruitful-ag.web.app/
Log in using email or register a new user.

Using password-less login, you get an email with a link to click on

(2) Create a new room

To connect devices, you need to create a room.

A room is a group of systems (e.g. units to collect data, or  videocameras).

(3) Configure the room

Option 1 (left side box):
Add a name to the new room and click "Create". After getting a license (format: "0c2e25500c"), click "Configure Room".

Option 2 (right side box):
Paste your existing license key.

(4) Create a new System

Click "Add a System+" and add a name. Click "Save".

​Once the new system is created, a unique"ID" for your system is automatically generated.
Please store this ID is unique and is needed to use the API.

Learn how to post data via API

(5) Navigate your systems

The dashboard contains a menu bar with all your systems on the left hand side.

You can easily switch between systems by clicking on their names.

(6)Navigate your data

The dashboard shows all info in a nutshell. All actionable system devices are listed under "system controls", whereas all the measurements are on the right hand side.

The measurements and the plots are automatically updated as soon as new data comes in.

(7) Change device

A dropdown menu allows to select the devices connected with the system.

(8) Compare

Click on "Add +" button to be able to add data in the plot.

For instance, you can overlay the EC and the PH values at the same time.