Optimal decision-making for agronomists

More people. Less land.
We need to grow more and be mindful of resources.

Example of the Fruitful dashboard and analytics platform.

Growth Monitoring

We enable agronomists to monitor environment data (pH, EC, DO, light, climate, and more) and plant growth in real time.

Fruitful allows for live streaming and analysis of data, no matter where you are.

We use: IoT sensors, cloud computing, and visualization technologies.

Capture the Plant Biorhythm

Fruitful is your tireless companion: it never sleeps and monitors plants continuously.

Using image analysis, we precisely quantify the plant development and derive the speed of growth and plant health.

Our state-of-the-art computer vision algorithms automatically check for improvements in the growth environment.

Modern controlled environment farm.
Plant growth in a vertical farm.

Optimize Growth

Fruitful AI offers tailored recommendations to agronomists.

Optimize energy usage, growth time or quality of the plants based on your farm's priorities.

Shorten learning cycles using past data.


Save resources: energy.

Save time: labor, production time.

Improve crop quality.