Smarter Quality Control with AI Inspection

Elevating quality standards through advanced computer vision.

Reduce waste.
Improve efficiency.
Our System Elevates Quality Control to New Heights
We leverage AI to tackle even the most complex inspections with lightning-fast results.
AI Ensures Beverage Safety
We are partnering with a leading bottling company to develop an AI-powered system that scans and identifies defects on over 30 bottles per second, ensuring exceptional quality and efficiency.

This innovative solution has revolutionized the company's quality control process, ensuring the highest level of product safety and minimizing waste.

Our cutting-edge technology is shaping and establishing a new benchmark of excellence within the bottling industry.
Precision Defect Detection
In partnership with a global consumer goods manufacturer, we leverage AI's potential to ensure precise defect detection across their production lines.

Our AI-powered inspection systems identify and flag even the smallest defects, measuring just a few micrometers wide, ensuring consistently high-quality products.

By seamlessly integrating AI technology into their operations, we ensure manufacturing excellence and eliminating the need for costly rework.
Cellular Agriculture Powered by AI
In a collaborative effort that combines technology and sustainability, Fruitful AI is partnering with a Swiss-based Cellular Agriculture company to explore innovative methods for growing plant cell cultures.

Together, we're leveraging computer vision to enhance cellular agriculture, aiming to produce high-quality, environmentally commodities for the future.
Our technology seamlessly integrates with robots and machines, enabling fully automated high-quality inspection processes.
Meet Our Executive Team
Patrick Albrecht
Innovative tinkerer with a great passion for automation and sustainability. Background in Business Administration / Banking and Finance.
Alberto Cenedese
Engineer by education, energetic and enthusiastic about people with the strong drive to create real world impact.
Thomas Kleiven
Computer Scientist with proven track record of solving real world problems using AI.